Organising for EU Enlargement 
 A challenge for member states and candidate countries


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The Consortium: Partnership, Management and Resources

Reflecting the Projects objectives the Consortium draws together academics from Universities in each of the small states, which are the subject of this research, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland and Slovenia. The academics forming the research partnership bring to the project, firstly, established academic reputations in the areas of European Union politics and public administration and secondly, experience of large scale inter-institutional research projects.

The Dublin European Institute, National University of Ireland Dublin, provides the Management Team for this Project under the Direction of Professor Brigid Laffan. The members of this management team co-ordinate the scientific and administrative features of this project while also participating directly in the research partnership. This partnership includes Professor Dr. Wolfgang Drechsler, University of Tartu; Professor Teija Tiilikainen, University of Helsinki; Professor Calliope Spanou, University of Athens; Professor Attila Ágh, Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration; and Professor Danica Fink-Hafner, University of Ljubljana. Each of the research partners is assisted by a team of researchers from their respective universities.

The Management Board, comprising the principle researcher partner from each of the universities participating in the consortium and members of the project management team, meets regularly and is responsible for major policy decisions relating to the Project. A series of workshops scheduled over the duration of the project enable all of the researchers involved in the project to meet in a Partnership Plenary to discuss the research methods being applied and the national and comparative reports presented on completion of each section of the project.

Project Management

 Project Management overview

The Project management team is based in the newly established Institute for the Study of Social Change, National University of Ireland, Dublin. The Institute provides research facilities and support for a range of projects in an interdisciplinary environment. Among the Institute's aims is the implementation of a co-ordinated interdisciplinary research programme in six key fields: British-Irish studies, economics, equality studies, European studies, public opinion research and social research. Further information about the Institute for the Study of Social Change may be obtained from its website

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